Year 9 DofE Bronze Assessed expedition

On Wednesday 22nd June ninety intrepid Year 9 students headed off to the New Forest to undertake their Bronze Assessed expedition. Many lessons had been learnt from the practice trip in May and teams set off confidently following the routes they had planned during the months running up to the expedition. Teams dealt well with the heat on the first day and supported each other well. During their debrief sessions on arrival into the campsite, a number of the groups commented that they were able to identify and correct small errors in navigation much more effectively than during the practice; a testament to the progress that they have made in this process.Tents were successfully erected and there were a number of ingenious supper menus prepared in camp during the evening. Day two was much cooler and thankfully the heavy rain forecast never made an appearance. There were some impressive examples of perseverance as individuals and teams dug deep in order to complete the assessment. Thursday ended with a very enjoyable BBQ and awards ceremony. 

On Friday it was the PE activity day; students were balanced on high wires up trees, rowing across the lake on rafts they had constructed and firing tennis balls at targets with giant catapults. After an exceptionally long return journey, the participants were keen to get home, remove rucksacks and give their feet a very well-deserved rest. The staff team are very proud of the year group and hope many of them decide to continue their DofE journey and sign up for Silver DoE next term. 

Miss Arnold, Ms Smith-Modu and Mr Daurat. 

We are so grateful to have been able to participate in this trip, and whilst we found it very challenging, it was a truly exciting and enjoyable experience in which we were able to learn some vital survival skills. We saw some amazing sights during our walking, including beautiful wild horses. After our expedition we were treated to a delicious barbecue at the end of the day, of which we are very grateful. And finally, we are delighted to say we passed! 

Haruka, Natasha and Alice from 9W