Year 9 trip to Bletchley Park

On the 14th of March, the whole of Year 9 got the exciting opportunity to visit Bletchley Park on a combined Maths, History and Computing trip. We were greeted with a short walk around the grounds before entering some of the huts that real crypto analysts would have worked in during WW2. The area was incredibly well preserved, with the offices like Alan Turing’s being scattered with real coding sheets from over 76 years ago. Another highlight was being able to use an actual Enigma machine (this was the first day anyone could use it because of Covid for more than two years!) Along with this, we got to decode different messages using a variety of ciphers and methods to reveal the name of an actual spy operating at Bletchley Park. The trip was an incredible journey into the past, where real war-defining work was happening.


Bletchley Park was a fun and interesting experience that involved lots of history, computing and maths. We started off by watching an interesting video about D-Day and the background behind it. Then we were given a tour around Bletchley which included visiting the mansion. My favourite part of the trip was when we used the enigma machine to crack codes. Overall, Bletchley Park was an experience of a lifetime and I would definitely go back there!