The 'Adelante' foreign language programme is an integral part of a Channing education

Launched in 2016, it has quickly become a defining feature of the School and is one of the key benefits of a Channing education, for all pupils aged 4-18.

The programme is designed to inspire and educate pupils to gain a proficiency in one or more European languages and an appreciation of the related cultures. The aim is to ensure that all pupils leave the school with a high degree of competency and fluency in at least one modern foreign language, ideally becoming dual linguists by the time they reach their GCSEs.

Adelante in the Senior School

Girls in Year 7 choose between French, German or Spanish, followed by an additional Modern Foreign Language (MFL) from Year 8 onwards. Senior school pupils are also encouraged to immerse themselves in European literature thanks to the Adelante Reading Challenge. This is run competitively so that pupils have the chance to win valuable house points in the process. There is also a dedicated MFL Room in the Library which is proving hugely popular.

Pupils have the opportunity to attend online and in-person events that further enrich their studies and, most noteworthy, all Year 8 pupils benefit from an annual trip to practise the languages in their respective countries.

In keeping with the Channing ethos, Year 12 students volunteer at the nursery and Saturday school at Latin American House, a charity supporting London’s Latin American community. They are rewarded by having the chance to practise their Spanish and become familiar with different dialects spoken in Latin America.

As part of the continued investment in foreign language learning at Channing, students can also attend an extra curricular after school club in Mandarin.

Mrs Lindsey Hughes, Headmistress, said: ‘In a global economy, we all know how important language skills are for success.  The ability to converse in even the most basic manner in another language is one that will stand our students in good stead for the future, and yet the Adelante programme is so much more than that. The cultural immersion of overseas trips, and the exciting partnerships and events which take place here at school in London, bring European literature, art and street culture to life for our students. The benefits are immeasurable.’