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The fourth most commonly spoken language in the world

The Spanish department recognizes that being able to communicate and understand in other languages is of utmost importance in our global world.

With some 400 million speakers, Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world. Only Mandarin, English and Hindi have more speakers. If you count only native speakers, Spanish outranks English. Spanish is an official language on four continents and is the mother tongue in 21 countries.

Spanish has become a very popular language at Channing and the girls enjoy stimulating lessons where they learn the language of Cervantes and explore the culture, history and traditions of the Spanish-speaking world.

Year 7 to 9

As part of our Adelante programme, all pupils learn Spanish from Year 7 to Year 9. Those pupils who have studied Spanish in primary school or who are native speakers of the language are given extension materials and many are able to take their GCSE examination in Year 9.

By the end of Year 9, girls are able to have a conversation in Spanish using on a range of topics. They understand and write short texts and are able to understand spoken language by native speakers. Basic grammar is taught in the Lower School, as well as the culture and traditions of the Spanish-speaking world.

In Year 8, girls have the opportunity to enjoy a language and activity week near Cadiz, in southern Spain.

Girls in Year 9 have to possibility to have Spanish pen pal from a school in Oviedo, northern Spain, and will have weekly conversations via Google Hangout.

The GCSE course aims to prepare pupils to be confident and competent speakers of the language, whilst being able to write extended essays on a wide range of subjects and understand complex conversation and texts. The study of grammar more in depth supports their linguistic skills. During the course of the GCSE course, pupils can join a visit to Andalusia and discover the rich Moorish, Arabic and Christian heritage of the region.

We use the Edexcel IGCSE in all 3 languages.