Religious Studies

An appreciation for values and traditions

Religious studies is a centrally important subject in today’s global climate, with the United Kingdom in particular being one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse communities on the planet.

Students at Channing develop an appreciation of the values and traditions of not only their own spiritual heritage but are guided in investigating those of other faiths and those with no religious faith. Much time is devoted to the development of independent enquiry skills as well as those of an evaluative and analytical nature concerning topical issues, the rise of religious extremism being an area of particular focus.

Years 7-9: We take a Unitarian approach to the study of religion in Years 7 and 8. This means that equal time (one full term) is given over to the study of each of the six major world faiths. By the end of Year 8 students will have studied each religion’s beliefs and practices in-depth and considered how the religions promote British Values such as Individual Liberty and respect for the rule of law.

Students in Year 9 study 4 major ethical and philosophical topics. Starting with arguments for and against the existence of God (including atheism and Humanism) the course moves on to cover Crime and Punishment (Including the Death Penalty) The ethics of War, environmental issues and animal rights. Much time is given to discussion and the development of evaluative and analytical skills.

Further opportunities

A two year 100% exam course through the OCR exam board. Students cover the two major religions of the United Kingdom ( Christianity and Islam) considering the beliefs and practices of both, differences within the faiths and a range of philosophical and ethical issues from a Christian perspective.