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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Outstanding care for every pupil

Deputy Head, Andrew Underwood leads the Pastoral Team at Channing’s Senior School and he is very proud of the outstanding care that every Channing pupil receives.
Academic success at Channing is partly achieved, we believe, when underpinned by an exceptional pastoral care framework which ensures that every student is supported and encouraged. Channing pupils enjoy a nurturing and positive environment that allows them to question, be free, think independently and gain confidence as they progress through the school. It is worthy to note that the Channing Code – The Channing {rmise – was devised by pupils and this is adhered to by staff and pupils alike and forms the backbone of the school.

Our pastoral system ensures that Year groups work collaboratively, creating respectful partnership between pupils and staff. All members of the community have a shared commitment to achieve and enjoy success. Students know who they can talk to: a typical Channing day always features girls and staff chatting during break and lunchtimes and Form Tutors spending time with their Form to ensure their day is going well.

Pupils are allotted a form group that is named after one of the 4 Houses at Channing and form activities, registration and PSHE time are spent with this group. Each group has a Form Tutor and a Co-Tutor. Pupils also have the opportunity to mix with other year groups as part of the House system. Older pupils provide peer subject mentoring and also participate in Form Time by leading activities and discussion sessions. All new Year 7 pupils are allotted a ‘Big Sister’ in Year 8 who ensures that any issues causing concern can be raised and discussed.