Virtual School

Channing Virtual School – Guidance for Parents 

Arrangements for students self-isolating or in quarantine 

Notifying the school 

Parents should make a request for absence by emailing the school as soon as possible at We expect that students will keep up to date with their work, unless they are ill, in which case normal absence procedures will be followed. 

Keeping in touch 

Form tutors will make initial contact with their tutees via their Google Classroom, and then maintain daily contact to provide pastoral support including sharing the content of PSHE lessons. 

School work 

Teachers will use Google Classroom as a means to communicate with their students and to ensure that absent students have access to the resources from in-school lessons, as far as possible. This could be: 

providing the resources for independent study via Google Classroom or through another student

using live broadcast during lessons via Google Meet, and providing the student with the link to join

recording the screen for part / all of the lesson and posting the video later in the day 

Teachers and or Heads of Department and or Heads of Year, as appropriate, will contact parents or guardians if there are concerns about student engagement, the quality of work, the meeting of deadlines, academic progress, or any other related concerns.

Arrangements for Virtual School 

In the event that a whole class or whole year group are collectively required to isolate at home for a fixed period of time, individual members of staff are required to self isolate for a fixed period of time, or indeed in the event that all students are unable to attend school due to directives from the Department for Education, Public Health England or the UK Government, we are committed to providing continuity of education and pastoral care for all our students. 

Keeping in touch 

Form tutors will hold a virtual form time every morning via Google Meet, from 8:30-8:50am, and will deliver a virtual PSHE lesson via Google Meet during the timetabled lesson. Student attendance will be compulsory. 

School work 

Teachers will deliver virtual lessons for all lessons according to the timetable, with a Google Meet at the beginning and end of every lesson. Teachers may choose to deliver the remainder of the virtual lesson in any of the following ways: 

Virtual teaching via Google Meet for the whole lesson, with students keeping their cameras on for the entirety of the lesson 

Independent work (individual or group work), but with the teacher remaining in the Google Meet and students able to return to ask questions and receive support 

Virtual teaching via Google Meet for different parts of the lesson as decided by the teacher, e.g. meeting with small groups at pre-arranged times during the lesson 

Responding to and providing live feedback on students’ work – in this instance, the teacher will still remain in the Google Meet too, in case students need to return to ask questions and receive support 

Students must remember that it is compulsory for them to switch their cameras on for the duration of any Google Meet during a virtual lesson. Attendance at all lessons is compulsory, and registers will be taken.


Junior School

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