Channing Students

Teaching and Learning

Channing is a collaborative learning community. We provide an excellent and relevant T&L CPD program that inspires all staff and pupils to achieve their full potential. We support the ongoing development of outstanding teaching and learning which stimulates and challenges all pupils.

At Channing, we acknowledge that each teacher has their own style but that pupils make the most progress when teachers plan lessons that focus on learning. We believe that great Teaching & Learning cannot be achieved by following a recipe, but there are some clear pointers in the research to approaches that are most likely to be effective. That is to say there are clear, recognised ‘moves’ of the ‘Expert Teacher’ that make pupil progress and learning more likely.

At Channing we have identified features of lessons where pupils make most progress:
We know that pupils make most progress when they….

  • Make connections across lessons
  • Learn new ideas by reference to ideas they already know
  • Are clear about what they are doing and what success looks like
  • Get involved and stay involved
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills to a high level
  • Draw knowledge from a wide range of sources
  • Engage in deliberate practice
  • Plan and organise their work effectively
  • Develop their knowledge and skills and know how to apply these
  • Apply their knowledge and skills across subjects & new situations
  • Are made to think hard with breadth, depth and accuracy
  • Are clear in independent work about the teacher’s expectations/instructions
  • Their attitude to learning is positive
  • Are given feedback that is meaningful, manageable and motivating
  • Demonstrates and check their understanding and review what they have learnt and challenge their own understanding
  • Are given the opportunity and time to respond to feedback
  • Know their target and how to progress towards them

Teaching and Learning

  • Hypothesise, analyse and synthesis information accurately
  • Have high expectations of what they can achieve
  • Try more difficult tasks to stretch themselves
  • Gain in confidence and take risks
  • Ask higher order questions and argue and reason logically.
  • Understands what they need to do next

At Channing when planning lessons we encourage staff to think about the following lesson elements (based on research and what we know works at Channing)

  • Pupils (Context – What we know of individual pupils)
  • Prior Learning (Context – What have they learnt already)
  • Knowledge & Skills to be Acquired
  • Key vocabulary
  • Hook/Engagement
  • Learning stages: Pupil and/or teacher(s)
  • Learning Outcomes and ongoing assessment opportunities
  • Next Steps (the relationship between lessons is just as important as what happens within them)


‘Spotlight’ is Channing Senior School Teaching & Learning publication. It is distributed weekly to staff and focuses on the development of classroom practice and current educational research. All Teaching staff are encouraged to contribute, and it reflects our commitment to being a collaborative, learning community.