The School Day
The School Day

The School Day

A day in the life

School Day from September 2020:

The School Day begins with Registration at 8.25am. All girls are expected to be in their form rooms, ready and organised for morning school, by this time. Breakfast Club begins at 7.40am in the main dining room where girls can meet and enjoy a healthy breakfast.

After Registration, there is a whole-school Assembly on Monday and Friday, a Section Assembly on Wednesday and longer form times on Tuesday and Thursday. Assemblies bring the whole school together for a collective act of worship and/or contemplation, following the Unitarian tradition of our founders.

All girls attend assembly; we are proud of our multi-faith community, and no-one is required to take an active part in anything that she feels unable to join in. We hope assembly provides an opportunity to extend the knowledge and understanding that underpins tolerance and sympathy. We celebrate Christmas and Easter with appropriate words and music, and whenever possible we try to mark non-Christian festivals and holy days, inviting girls to present their particular faiths to the school community.

Girls are expected to leave the premises by 4.15pm, unless staying for extra-curricular activities or using the Library (open until 5.30pm Mon-Thurs and 4.00pm Friday).

Sixth Formers may remain in school until 6.00pm.

There are 7 lessons on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday and 6 lessons on Tuesday & Friday.

Time Description
Period 1 8.50 – 9.40
Period 2 9.40 – 10.25
Break 10.25–10.45
Period 3 10.45 – 11.35
Period 4 11.35 – 12.25
Lunch 12.25 – 13.40
Period 5 13.40 – 14.25
Period 6 14.25 – 15.10
Roll Call 15.15 (Tuesday, Friday)
Period 7 15.10-15.55 (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday only)
Roll Call 15.55 (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday)