Choosing your A levels
Choosing your A levels

Choosing your A levels

Advice on choosing your A Levels – Ms J Kung

The Sixth Form curriculum encompasses breadth, diversity and challenge for our students. You are actively encouraged to study subjects that you enjoy, as well as those at which you naturally excel.

Making decisions about academic options is potentially exciting but can also be daunting. Before selecting your subjects it is important to consider a number of factors.

Firstly, whether a specific course or career path is part of the decision-making process. Some university courses require specific A Level subjects. For example, A Level Mathematics is normally a requirement for a degree in Economics, whilst universities will expect Chemistry alongside another science (normally Biology) for Medicine. The UCAS website and the university prospectuses will provide more detailed information on subject requirements.

Secondly, it is important to consider academic strengths. Some students naturally gravitate towards essay-based subjects, whilst others enjoy working in a laboratory or with numbers.

Regardless of whether subjects are chosen based on a career path, enjoyment or something different, studying A Levels will be far more demanding than GCSEs. However, smaller class sizes, stimulating teaching and different learning strategies will ensure that the Sixth Form curriculum will be challenging and fulfilling.

How it works

Choose three A Level courses:

Exceptional students may add a fourth A Level (from the above list).