Classical Civilisation


Classical Civilisation is the study of the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations through texts in translation as well as ancient artefacts (for the Greek Theatre component).

Board and specification code

OCR Specification Code H408

Is Classical Civilisation for you?

Classical Civilisation is for students with a passion for the literature, history, society and/or material culture of the ancient world, as well as the ways in which its legacy has been received and transmitted over the past millennia.

Course content/components

  • Paper 1: “The World of the Hero”: Homer’s “Odyssey” and Virgil’s “Aeneid”.
  • Paper 2: “Culture and The Arts”: Greek Theatre, focusing on Sophocles’ “Oedipus Tyrannos”, Euripides’ “Bacchae” and Aristophanes’ “Frogs”.
  • Paper 3: “Beliefs and Ideas”: “Love and relationships”.

Recommended entry requirement

At least Grade 7/A in either Classical Civilisation or English Literature or History.

Post-A Level options

With its focus on literature, history, society and material culture, students have gone on to a variety of degree choices, ranging from Classics, Archaeology and History to Theology, Business and International Relations.

Classics has been a guiding principle in most of my life. Without it, I would be a different writer, broadcaster, and human being, and certainly a worse one

Natalie Haynes: journalist, author and broadcaster