Computer Science


Computer Science is a discipline which requires thinking both in abstract and in concrete terms. On a higher level, computer science is concerned with problem solving: modelling and analysing problems, designing solutions, and implementing them. Problem solving requires precision, creativity, and careful reasoning.

Board and specification code


Is Computer Science for you?

Studying Computer Science allows you to study topics including artificial Intelligence, real-world systems, computational thinking, helping you to develop problem solving skills, design systems, communication and Internet technologies, hardware, software development, and relational database modelling. A level Computer Science also provides a good grounding for other subjects that require computational thinking and analytical skills.

Course content/components

Paper 1 – Theory Fundamentals : 1 hours 30 minutes 25% of A – level

Paper 2 – Paper 2 Fundamental Problem-solving and Programming Skills: 2 hours 25% of A-level

Paper 3 Advanced Theory: 1 hours 30 minutes 25% of A-level

Paper 4 Practical: 2 hours 30 minutes 25% of A-level

Recommended entry requirement

At least a grade 7 in Computer Science expected but not essential and preferably at least a grade 7 in Mathematics. If you have any queries then please speak to Ms Newman.

Post-A Level options

What can Computer Science lead to? A good grade in Computer Science at A level is valued by universities and employers since it requires the development of analytical thinking and problem solving skills. This course also lays an appropriate foundation for further study of Computer Science, Engineering, Physics or related subjects in higher education.