At the heart of Mathematics lies problem solving. Mathematicians have an appetite for a challenge, a desire to wrestle with problems for which the solution is not immediately obvious and show tenacity, perseverance and imagination. Mathematics also teaches you to be logical, methodical and meticulous, skills that are relevant to and complement a myriad of other subjects.

Board and Specification Code

Pearson (Edexcel): Specification Code 9MA0

Is Mathematics for you?

If you love tackling problems, if you have an appetite for a challenge, if you are tenacious, if you see the beauty in geometry and you appreciate the elegance of an algebraic proof, it is for you. It is also for you if you enjoyed your GCSE studies and are eager to learn more. A strong work ethic and the ability to study independently are essential.

Course content/components

  • Three compulsory papers.
  • Papers 1 and 2: Pure Mathematics (proof, algebra, functions, coordinate geometry in the (x, y plane), sequences and series, trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms, differentiation, integration, numerical methods and vectors).
  • Paper 3: Statistics & Mechanics

Recommended entry requirement

At least a high Grade 7 in GCSE or IGCSE Mathematics.

Post-A level options

Mathematics A Level is highly respected and relevant. Not just to the obvious areas such as Engineering, Computing, Physics but the statistics element of the course is relevant to Bio Sciences, Medicine, Psychology and Geography. The majority of degree courses in Mathematics are combined with other disciplines such as Philosophy or Computer Science.