Spanish A Level explores the language, literature, film and culture of the Spanish-speaking world as well as the history and politics of Spain. This is within the context of the Adelante programme, which is a defining feature of Spanish teaching and learning at Channing.

Board and specification code

Pearson 9SP0

Is Spanish for you?

Spanish A Level is a natural progression for students who enjoyed the GCSE course and show aptitude as a linguist. They should have an interest in the history, culture and literature of Hispanic countries as well as an appreciation of human and cultural differences. Students should be willing to spend time in a country where Spanish is spoken.

Course content/components

All modern languages follow similar units of the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. The students also study films and works of literature, which form the basis of the written examination. The oral examination is based on individual research on a subject of personal interest, relating to the country where the language is spoken.

Recommended entry requirement

At least Grade 7 in GCSE or IGCSE Spanish.

Post-A Level options

Spanish is widely spoken throughout the world, so a qualification in Spanish is a great asset. In the multinational, connected world that we now live in, demand for language skills is increasing all the time. Linguists are often recruited for roles in account management, finance, retail and social media