A Level Music at Channing is an exciting and challenging subject. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of genres, from classical, theatre and contemporary to jazz, pop and film. There are numerous opportunities for students to perform either on their own or in collaboration with others.

Board and specification code

Edexcel Specification Code 9MU0

Is Music for you?

For able music lovers and practitioners, Music provides an ideal counterpart to either an arts or science-based Sixth Form curriculum, developing skills of analytical thinking and close textual study, as well as in the creation and performance of music. It offers a sound intellectual training, as well as providing a firm foundation for music courses in further education.

Course content/components

  • Component 1: Performing
    • Solo performance or in an ensemble in a recital setting for a minimum of 8 minutes
    • Grade VII level is expected
  • Component 2: Composing
    • Create two pieces totalling 6 minutes
    • One is a free composition
    • The second will be a stylistic composition
  • Component 3: Appraising
    • 2 hour written paper Aural questions

Recommended entry requirement

At least Grade 7 in GCSE Music or Grade VI on any instrument and a merit in Grade Five theory.

Post-A Level options

Studying Music helps you to develop skills and qualities that future employers will welcome, such as creativity, problem solving, being a self-starter, presentation skills, self-discipline, skill development, problem solving and the ability to work with others. Music complements a range of commonly required A Level subjects such as Maths, Physics, English and Biology