Religious Studies


Religious Studies is a new and exciting addition to the Sixth Form curriculum at Channing.

Board and Specification Code


Is Religious Studies For You?

Those who select this option will embark upon the full A Level specification offered by Edexcel covering a diverse range of thought provoking and intriguing areas of study. Chief amongst these are the philosophical questions and quandaries raised through human experience of the universe and world around us and ethical theories relating to morality such as those proposed by Aristotle and Immanuel Kant and how these have and continue to shape society’s behaviour through the ages. These topics are complemented by a hermeneutical study of one of the Gospels from the New Testament developing a deeper appreciation and awareness of one of the most influential texts that we have available to us.

Course content/components

  • Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Ethics, and New Testament Studies.

Recommended Entry Requirement

At least Grade 7/A in GCSE English literature.

Post-A Level options

Religious Studies is an excellent choice for those who are considering careers in Law, Medicine, and Journalism where the analytical, evaluative and communicative skills developed will prove invaluable tools on the path to success.