extra curricular
extra curricular


Leadership and team building

Whether it is as a Head Girl, a Year or House Officer, participating in House competitions and debates, leading assemblies and PSHE lessons, or taking part in student panels, we are immensely proud of the way our students immerse themselves in the life of the school and make such a positive contribution. In Year 12, Form Seniors work with lower years in supporting Form Tutors. In addition, many Year 12s take on the role of mentor for younger students in particular subject areas.

Clubs and societies

The array of extra-curricular clubs and societies on offer in the Sixth Form is quite staggering – ranging from Fem. Soc. to Gardening Club. Many are run by or founded by the Sixth Form pupils themselves. In addition, large numbers of students participate in the very successful and popular Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award. There is also the opportunity to take part in the rewarding Young Enterprise scheme and gain a taste of the competitive world of work and the excitement of running your own business as an entrepreneur.

Physical wellbeing

Your regular compulsory weekly sessions of physical exercise in the Sixth Form will not only be fun (think Zumba, Yogalates and Games to name a few), but they have many additional benefits. Studies have linked regular exercise with stress relief, improved self-confidence, heightened brain performance, boosts in memory, creativity and the ability to learn new things. In addition, the fitness suite is open to the Sixth Form whenever it is free and a personal trainer runs two after-school sessions a week. So there is no excuse for not getting active. Your weekly workout might just be the thing you need to finish that essay!