Life in the Sixth Form

From the Head Girls

The Sixth Form is the pinnacle of your Channing career. Class sizes are smaller, which allows you to forge a better relationship with your teachers. You can explore ideas and topics within your subjects, which you may not have had the chance to do before. On a personal level, you have the freedom of not wearing uniform, the responsibility of meeting deadlines and of managing your time effectively.

The opportunities in Sixth Form are endless. From day one you are encouraged to explore areas that interest you, be it volunteering for a charity, taking part in a work experience placement, attending a careers talk, running a club or making a suggestion for a new enrichment rotation.

The Sixth Form Centre is set apart from the rest of the school, which fosters an independent and calm atmosphere. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of the main school; the modern classrooms and study areas allow you to immerse yourself in your work. However, moving into the Sixth Form isn’t just about studying.

We are a tight-knit community and spend time socialising with everyone. You will often find yourself making toast in the Sixth Form kitchen chatting to students in both Years.

Leadership roles in the Sixth Form make us feel as though we are making a difference in the Channing community. These roles are coveted from an early age. It’s not unusual for pupils in Year 7 to aspire to be one of the officers.

Channing has a fantastic Careers Department and students are encouraged to seek work experience and advice well before we reach the Sixth Form. In the Sixth Form, the careers pathway develops. There are regular talks from people outside of the school who are trailblazers in their field. These are very useful as they provide greater insight into careers that may be appealing.