Personal Development
Personal Development

Personal development

With Mrs R Williams

As Assistant Director of Sixth Form, it is my pleasure to manage and advise you on the programmes and activities on offer at Channing, beyond the A Level curriculum. I passionately believe that, as educators, we have a duty to prepare you for the next stage of your journey. Now, more than ever, young people need to be fully equipped with the necessary academic and life skills to succeed in the workplace and the world at large. The exceptional pastoral care, varied enrichment activities, community service and volunteering links, leadership and team-building opportunities, in addition to the careers advice, and UCAS and Oxbridge preparation, are as important as the subjects being studied for examinations.


PSHE sessions are weekly and are tailored to your needs and aim to support your journey through the Sixth Form and prepare you for your steps beyond school. They are varied: being in year groups, as a whole Sixth Form, or in your forms, including periodic one to one sessions with your Tutor. We adapt the programme during the year depending on current issues, concerns and the needs of each year group.

The sessions are led by Tutors, outside experts, alumnae, your peers, as well as the Careers Team, depending on the topic. We are fortunate to have regular visits from Channing Alumnae and guest speakers who are always keen to come in and share their experiences of life beyond school: university courses, gap year opportunities and careers. In addition, both PSHE and form time are opportunities for you, your form and your tutor to discuss the many and varied issues you are facing during these important years in a safe and supportive environment.

Sixth Form tutors

Our team of tutors and co-tutors will guide you through your two most important school years.

The mixed Year 12 and Year 13 Forms gives you the opportunity to experience the university applications process closely as the year above go through their preparation and decision making. This makes you much more equipped to prepare your own applications. The Year 13 students are excellent role models and able to give you daily advise and support in addition to that offered by your tutors.

Your Tutor will see you daily and help you to keep a healthy balance between your commitments, responsibilities and studies. They will encourage you to develop and pursue your interests and skills and guide you towards the right member of staff to ask for further support or information. They invest time and energy in getting to really know their tutees. Get to know them – they will be writing your UCAS reference!