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About Us

Our Philosophy

Although we enjoy the benefits of our location in Highgate, we are not what you might expect from a North London girls’ school.

For Channing, the words ‘Girls Enjoying Success’ are so much more than a mere strapline; they are the shorthand for the unique educational philosophy that we offer. From the ages of 4 to 18, we inspire our students in a liberating and contemporary way, without undue pressure:

  • Our Unitarian values of free thinking, acceptance and inclusivity mean that every member of the school is valued and championed as part of the close and supportive Channing ‘family/community’
  • Through inspirational teaching methods, we encourage our girls to become fearless and resilient learners
  • We embed a “10% braver” approach to life to empower girls in every endeavour
  • The ‘Channing Experience’ provides a stimulating and vibrant range of academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, designed to broaden the mind
  • Our girls (and staff) are both interesting and interested, aware of and engaged with the world around them
  • Always a visionary school, we aim to consistently be relevant, outward and future-facing: our research programme means that we are able to provide the best opportunities for our students, preparing them to thrive in life at Channing and beyond

Our examination results bear testament to the academic success of our educational philosophy, coupled with the depth and breadth of university destinations and courses onto which our students are accepted. Above all, our objective is for girls to enjoy their Channing education, celebrating their own and others’ success, by their own definition. Together, these elements combine to provide the perfect education for girls in the 21st Century.

Our Aims and Ethos

Channing is a centre of academic excellence in North London where we ensure that every girl feels empowered, valued and supported.

We provide a stimulating and vibrant educational experience that nurtures and sustains independent thinking, confidence and creativity.

We uphold our Unitarian heritage in encouraging girls to develop respect, tolerance and understanding of all faiths as well as individual and social responsibility.

Our Vision

Girls enjoying success.

Our Mission

To inspire pupils to develop scholarship, integrity, altruism and independence.

The Channing Promise

The Channing Promise was developed by the girls themselves, for every member of the school, including Governors, teachers, pupils and support staff, to ensure the school remains a happy and positive place to be.

We promise to…

  • treat everyone within the Channing community with respect and kindness.
  • think of others and be aware of their feelings.
  • create a positive and supportive environment where we have the freedom to act, think and be heard.
  • make the most of the opportunities we are given with a positive and appreciative attitude.
  • treat all people fairly.