About Us

Unitarian foundation

Channing’s Unitarian ethos underpins everything we do. Respect, tolerance and understanding of all faiths are fundamental to our school. Channing students know they are part of a community that is compassionate and inclusive.


Channing’s founders, Matilda and Emily Sharpe, had one key aim – to educate girls. As Matilda Sharpe wrote, and as every Channing pupil knows: ‘Never forget: life is expecting much of you and me.’

Inspirational teaching

Channing teachers go that extra mile to ensure that every pupil achieves their best. Our teachers believe in constantly exploring new educational opportunities and passing on our love of learning to our pupils.

Educating girls

Our vision – Girls Enjoying Success – informs everything we do. We know that girls’-only education is integral to success. At Channing, we are experts at gearing provision to the specific needs of girls, encouraging them to learn without pressure and with self-belief.

Holistic life

At Channing, we understand the importance of balancing an academic life with pursuits that encourage open-mindedness, confidence and a critical eye. We offer a superb array of extra-curricular activities.

Happy girls learn best

How does one sum up the essence of Channing? In short, it’s about enjoyment. Channing pupils love being at school! They love their lessons, they love their extra-curricular activities and they love their leisure time. They also love the atmosphere.

The perfect size

Channing staff know the girls well and the girls in turn are secure in the knowledge that they are known. One reason for this is that Channing is the perfect size – big enough for all possibilities; small enough to be known and noticed.


The trailblazing and vision of our founders is very much alive today. Our motto of Conabor (I will try) – underpins everything we do. Two recent initiatives exemplify this ethos – the Adelante strategy and our Science, Technology and Engineering focus.

Springboard to success

Channing’s state-of-the art Sixth Form Centre is inspirational – it is where our students make their leap into independence, encouraged to lead, innovate and make those crucial steps towards university.