Forest School

Forest School

We are delighted to have our very own Forest School at Channing thanks to our wonderful green setting. Each week, girls in Reception (from the second half of the Autumn Term), Years 1 – 4 have Forest School sessions in the natural wooded area at the bottom of the school grounds. This area is well-sheltered with tree canopies and is inhabited by a variety of flora and fauna!

What are the benefits of Forest School?

  • Personal and social development – improving communication skills, working with others.
  • Physical activity and movement – fine and gross motor skills development.
  • Resilience – problem solving and persistence.
  • Confidence – self-esteem, positive attitude, taking more risks, showing initiative, intrinsic motivation.
  • Wellbeing – fun and enjoyment, restoration, stress reduction.
  • Cognitive impacts – knowledge and understanding about the world around them and respect for their environment.

Chatting with Channing

In this podcast episode of “Chatting with Channing,” Mr Rich and Miss Baker take us on a journey through the history, diverse activities, and profound impact of Forest School on the Junior School students at Channing School.

Forest School is great because it’s fun. The most important rule is to have fun! I enjoy making a restaurant by getting all the pots and pans, getting logs to make the tables and making food out of mud. By the end of Forest School everyone has mud on their face.  
Izzy (Year 2)
In Forest School I am creative and I like building stuff. I have made a water collector, an oven, a table, a fireplace and a shop from wood, rope, mud, sticks and a piece of scrap metal.
Tate (Year 2)
Forest school days are always a cause of excitement for my daughter. Swapping uniform for waterproofs and wellies and foraging through the beautiful grounds of the school creates a completely different learning environment. Freedom to explore and connect with the outdoors in the wind, rain, snow or shine is so important when you live in a busy city. The girls love being outdoors, climbing trees and digging around the wonders of Waterlow Park. Forest school really is a breath of fresh air…
Year 1 Parent
Both my girls absolutely love forest school – they go to school full of anticipation and come home with tales of their adventures! I love how the outdoors environment frees their creativity – the girls come up with all sorts of amazing game and crafts ideas using the range of natural resources as their inspiration.  
Year 1 Parent