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To maintain our happy and purposeful atmosphere, we emphasise concern and respect for the needs of others. As such, we see our role in the wider community as incredibly important, embracing causes affecting both the local area and further afield. Whether it’s cake sales raising money for our nominated School Charity, helping out at the local branch of Oxfam or working at The Harington Scheme, members of the Channing community gain first-hand experience of the value of helping others.

Chatting with Channing

Listen to our interview with our Charity Officers, Eliza and Hannah, from our podcast ‘Chatting with Channing‘.

They’ll talk us through what the role of Charity Officer entails, why charity is so important at Channing School and what other support they provide at the school. But we’ll also get to hear about the upcoming events they have planned, as well as some advice Eliza and Hannah would give to younger pupils interested in charity work.