Category: Staff Blogs

Building Partnerships

22nd May 2024

Joining a new school in your first headship during Covid would be challenging enough, without the simultaneous decision to turbo charge your school’s partnerships work. This was the challenge facing…

Why the world needs to be more Unitarian

15th May 2024

As the only Unitarian school in the UK, Channing has close links with Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel in Hampstead. Their Minister, Reverend Kate Dean, talked to us recently in assembly…

Fostering Fearless Learners: A Journey to Overcoming the Fear of Failure

1st May 2024

A fear of failure is a well-documented attribute of many young people – especially high-achieving, bright girls – which can contribute to mental health issues and stop them making the…

What does the rise of Artificial Intelligence mean for schools?

24th April 2024

If you have teenagers the chances are you’ve heard of Snapchat. But do you know about the new ‘My AI’ chatbot feature? It’s a friendly, chatty little bot and a…