sixth form students

Sixth Form

Why choose Channing?

The two years of the Sixth Form are the crowning glory of your school career. Whether you have been at Channing from the age of 4 or 11, are joining us for these two years or something in between, this is the time when all you have done before comes to fruition.

Most obvious, perhaps, is the independence and freedom which comes with Sixth Form life. You have your own Sixth Form Centre, you are studying only the subjects you are most interested in and enjoy and, of course, you are no longer wearing a uniform! Be very clear, however: the Sixth Form is not just ‘more of the same but in your own clothes’. In these two years you will make the transition from school to university, both academically and socially.

Our ethos of Girls Enjoying Success, without undue pressure, is perhaps more true in the Sixth Form than anywhere else in school. A Level classes are small, the teachers are all specialists in their subject areas and their lessons will challenge, stretch and inspire you. You’re likely to think harder and laugh more in your A Level lessons than any others you’ve experienced. The result is that our students work hard and achieve highly, experiencing the real satisfaction that comes from reaping the rewards of the effort they put in.

The outcome? Fabulous A Level results and university offers met. Students will head to their chosen university and highly competitive courses both in the UK and overseas. But we know that’s not the sum of every student’s aspirations and whatever your chosen path, you can rely on the expert advice of the experienced university admissions and careers staff who will be there to guide you.

However these two years are about far more than just A Level exams and university entry. Sixth Form students are the leaders of the school, setting up and running clubs and societies. You have the chance to give back to the wider community through our partnership projects too. We also encourage you to develop an intellectual curiosity about the world beyond your syllabus and the school gates through regular trips to exhibitions, conferences, museums, art galleries and theatres in London, across the UK and abroad. This is a time when you will learn as much about yourself as the subjects you are studying.

Our alumnae always view their two years in the Sixth Form as the time of their lives, citing the fun they have, the friends they make and the opportunities it gives them to take a leading role in the life of the school. I have no doubt that the same will be true for you.

Mrs Lindsey Hughes