girls sat on a bench

Strategic Objectives

Channing is a school for girls aged 4-18 where pupils enjoy outstanding personal success at school and beyond, as a result of our holistic, balanced education, a unique combination in equal measure of:

  • Academic excellence;
  • Unsurpassed pastoral care and
  • Breadth of extra and co-curricular activities.

We aim to develop scholarship, integrity, altruism and independence. Our Unitarian ethos encourages our pupils to be intellectually curious, open-minded and respectful.

The Vision

Girls Enjoying Success

Strategic Objectives 2020-2025

To provide an excellent and relevant education, free from undue pressure, that inspires all pupils to achieve their full potential.

  • Continue to develop excellent teaching and learning to stimulate and challenge.
  • Ensure that the learning needs of every pupil are identified and provided for (including EAL, SEND or MA*).
  • Deliver a stimulating and innovative Co and Extra Curricular Programme which engages pupils at all levels.
  • Increase opportunities for pupils to develop as independent learners.

To support personal development which puts wellbeing at the heart of our pastoral provision.

  • Continue to develop and deliver outstanding pastoral care.
  • To build on our commitment to improving PE and Sport at Channing recognising the positive impact that this can have on pupil wellbeing.
  • Further enhance Careers Education and Guidance across the school.
  • Extend and promote pupil leadership opportunities.
  • Promote and support staff wellbeing and development.

To embrace modern technology and use it as a means to enhance pupils’ independence as learners to prepare them for the future.

  • Identify and develop the appropriate use of technologies to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Ensure that pupils are confident and safe users of technology.
  • Enhance the use of technology as an enabler for effective and efficient workflow across the School.

To provide a secure, safe and healthy environment.

  • Continue to ensure that child protection and safeguarding is a priority.
  • Continue to develop a culture where risks are identified and managed effectively.
  • To maintain and invest in our estate and facilities such that they support the school’s aims and objectives.
  • Continue to ensure that all policies and procedures are robust, relevant and up-to-date.

To develop further opportunities for Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM).

  • Provide more opportunities for pupils to achieve success and participate.
  • Raise the profile of STEM in curricular, cross-curricular and extra-curricular programmes.

To manage the school’s resources effectively and to ensure that the school can continue to attract the brightest students.

  • Safeguard the school’s future plans and legacy by further enhancing the school’s financial resilience.
  • Improve awareness of the school both locally and more widely such that demand for school places continues to increase.
  • Ensure that the benefits of a girls’ only education are clearly understood and communicated.

To recognise and promote our social responsibility.

  • Develop our commitment to developing partnerships and providing opportunities to engage positively with local, national and global communities.
  • Widen access to the educational benefits that Channing offers and provide appropriate levels of financial support.
  • Develop a whole school approach to becoming a more sustainable school.
  • Review existing policies, procedures and practices at Channing School to ensure that diversity, equality and inclusion is supported at all levels.

*  English as an Additional Language; Special Educational Needs and Disabilities; More Able