Springboard to the future
Springboard to the future

Springboard to the future

The enrichment programme

In your weekly enrichment session, you will also have opportunities to extend your learning beyond your curriculum in mixed groups of Year 12 and 13. This currently includes short courses in: Mandarin and Chinese Culture, Art & Textiles, Drama Improvisation, Ethics, Cryptic Crosswords, Twentieth Century Women Writers, Historical Women and Films, Science in the Media, Electronics and Robotics and a one year course in Critical Thinking.

In addition, the one-year Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) can be started at the end of Year 12. It is a flexible programme that changes over the two years and students choose from up to 10 options at the start of each year. There are also regular lectures and outside speakers. Additional optional online lectures are shown at other times during the week to encourage all students to go beyond the A Level curriculum.

Community service and volunteering

We are always impressed with the commitment and time already spent by many of our students in voluntary work in their own communities. Our voluntary work programme has links with several of our local community organisations who have built up close links with the school. Our aim is for every student in Year 12 to be engaged in a community service project, either organised by themselves or through our links.

Currently we have strong links with Channing Junior School, Hill Homes, St James’ Church and are hoping to join the Whittington Hospital “Kissing it Better” scheme. The skills and experience gained through volunteering is often the most valuable, enjoyable and satisfying part of your week and excellent preparation for the future.

ICT skills

All Sixth Formers have access to an iPad and Chromebook to support learning and provide access to resources. The iPads, ‘Firefly’ – our Virtual Learning Environment and the school Google Drive, all help to develop our students’ education beyond the classroom.

With technology developing at such an astonishing pace, it’s hard to say what the future workplace will look like. However, we can be sure that digital skills will be inherent in almost every job. For this reason, Channing is developing an exciting, new technological direction for the school with the aim that all students leave Channing with the technological skills needed for their chosen careers.

We want people to say “if you want your daughter to be equipped for the modern world of technology, engineering and design, then Channing is the perfect place to send her”.

We know that technology alone will not replace collaboration, good judgment and problem-solving abilities but, by providing a technology-rich learning environment that supports our students through the Sixth Form stage of their education, we are ensuring they are perfectly prepared for the next steps.


To support all aspirations, the Sixth Form Careers provision has been expanded over the last two years.

Our Head of Careers, Ms Pavlopoulos, and our Careers Coordinator, Mrs Bull, organise a comprehensive programme of preparation. This includes an individual careers interview with an external advisor for every student. Students are also advised to complete work shadowing placements to gather information about various career roles and fields. The Careers Department works in close association with the Channing community to develop a work experience programme which offers Sixth Formers the opportunity to apply for a placement with a host from the Channing community.

We want our students to create links and relationships that will guide and support them through their next decade, their first job, their first promotion and their first tax return! Then we want our students to come back to us as mentors to support other Channing students.


Our extensive network of alumnae professionals assist current students to access professional advice, guidance and work experience. In conjunction with the Careers Department, there are a number of interactive talks, presentations by guest speakers and seminars held throughout the academic year. These range from specific career talks, information about undergraduate life, through to presentations from women who are working in the Science and Engineering sectors.

Looking to the future, we will grow this already impressive network to aid and inspire Channing alumnae in their career development. Each and every alumna has something unique to offer, whether it be through a seat on the Alumnae Committee or offering work experience to a newly qualified professional to strengthen her job application.


Channing takes pride in its alumnae community. Our alumnae are diverse in their career paths and geographical locations, many of them making significant contributions on the national and global stage.

Irrespective of when they leave Channing, each leaver becomes a member of the Channing Alumnae Association. They will receive invitations to exclusive alumnae events, concerts, reunions, performances and talks. And, of course, you will always be welcome at the annual Founders’ Day celebrations.