From 1 September 2023

Junior School – £7,500 per term, £22,500 per annum
Senior School – £8,290 per term, £24,870 per annum

Tuition fees include most books, stationery and basic craft materials. Occasionally girls will require their own personal books or equipment that will be charged on the bill as ‘extras’. These will be minimal, except in public examination classes where girls are expected to buy their own copies of set texts. The tuition fee does not include the entry fees for Public Examinations (GCSE and A level). The cost of Public examination entries will be an extra charge on the fee bill.

Food charges

All pupils are required to have school lunches. Packed lunches are not permitted. Exceptions are only made for medical reasons.

Reception & Y1 – £285 per term
Year 2 – Year 6 – £345 per term
Senior School – £380 per term

Extra-curricular Charges

Junior School Music tuition- £370 per term
Senior School Music tuition – £425 per term
LAMDA lessons – £200 per term

All fees and charges are due in advance on or before the first day of term. A bill is sent at the end of each term and payment is collected by Direct Debit. A full term’s notice in writing must be given for the withdrawal of a pupil. In default of such notice the next term’s fees are due.

Accepting a Place

A non-refundable deposit of £4,500 (£6,000 for Sixth Form) is payable on acceptance of a place. £500 of the deposit will be credited to the first terms’ fees. The remainder will be retained until the pupil leaves the school and will be credited to the final payment of fees or other sums due to the school on leaving.

Accepting an Offer – Terms & Conditions

Parents should read the School’s Terms & Conditions and information about our current Tuition Fees before accepting an offer of a place at the school.

A legally binding contract, based on the terms of an offer of a place and the completed Acceptance Form, is formed on receipt of the signed form and the deposit.