Junior School

Welcome to the Junior School

This is the beginning of what we very much hope will be your daughter’s educational journey at Channing. The majority of girls who join us at 4 will thrive all the way up to the Sixth Form.

Our vision, from 4-18, is Girls Enjoying Success. This means that the girls at Channing thrive and flourish as individuals, without undue pressure.

We are an academic yet holistic, local school and we look for girls who are interested and interesting, and show respect and kindness to others.

We offer a broad and balanced educational experience in a very supportive environment, fostering the girls’ talents and interests, and helping them achieve their own goals. The main entry point for the Junior School is 4+ with an entrance selection process that is perfectly suited to young children. It’s fun and the girls thoroughly enjoy it. Channing is very much one ‘through’ school and the majority of girls will automatically move up from Year 6 into Year 7 in the Senior School. There is no 11+ entry process for them which means they are able to enjoy their time at the Junior School, pursuing a wide range of interests without the pressure of working to tests. We have a great sense of community at Channing and the girls, the staff and I look forward to meeting you to show you around our lovely school!
Choosing a school for your daughter is an extremely important decision and experiencing the school is an important part of this process.

Do book onto an open event at Channing Junior School here and be assured of a very warm welcome from us all!

Miss Dina Hamalis

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Chatting with Channing

Listen to our interview with Miss Dina Hamalis from our podcast, Chatting with Channing. Miss Hamalis will explore what makes Channing School special, what it’s like seeing the girls at Channing learn and grow and she’ll even tell us all about the Channing Promise. We also get to hear from some of the girls at Channing themselves: what they love about the school and some of the questions they have for Miss Hamalis too.