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Chance Vacancies

Chance Vacancy Application

Please complete an online Chance Vacancy application form here.

We are currently full in every year group in both the Junior and Senior School. Occasionally, a place may arise if a pupil leaves the school. We welcome applications for chance vacancies but it is impossible to say how long it will take for a place to become available, if at all. We accept applications all year round, there is no application deadline.

All chance vacancy applicants are placed on a waiting list for their year group, if a vacancy occurs we will be in touch. Please note we do not accept applications for Year 11 or Year 13 entry.

If a vacancy arises, all families on the waiting list for that year group are contacted and their daughter is invited to an assessment morning.

When a family confirms their child will attend a Chance Vacancy Assessment, they give permission for Channing to request a reference from their current school. We are unable to make a decision on any application without being in receipt of a confidential reference from the child’s current school. If a family refuses to give permission for a reference to be sought from the child’s current school, unfortunately we are not able to progress the application.

Please refer to section 1.e. of our Admissions Policy (at the bottom of this page) for more information.

In the Junior School the assessment involves an age-appropriate pen-to-paper test in English Comprehension, Writing and Maths, as well as playtime with the class with the vacancy, a snack break and the applicants will meet the Head of Junior School.

In Senior School, applicants sit an online assessment in English, Maths and a Modern Foreign Language. Some candidates are invited back on a separate date for an interview with our Headmistress.

An online assessment and Virtual interview can be arranged for overseas pupils.

Please contact the Admissions Team on for more information.