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Admissions policy

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Most girls are admitted to Channing School following assessments at 4+, 11+ and 16+, but chance vacancies in other year groups occur from time to time.  The school has a Unitarian tradition and welcomes staff and children from many different ethnic groups, backgrounds and creeds. Human rights and freedoms are respected.

Entry is by competitive assessment for the Junior School (Fairseat) or examination (Senior School) and interview, and is subject to a satisfactory report from the entrant's current school. Our policy is to offer places on the basis of the whole picture created by all three of these: we look at school references and interview performance very carefully to gauge candidates’ potential.

We hope for a close relationship with our families, and our policy is to interview sisters and other girls with close family connections with the school, and to offer such girls places if we think they will thrive here.  

•    To welcome girls from all backgrounds who have met the academic criteria.
•    To admit girls who will benefit from an academic education and contribute to and benefit from the ethos and activities of this school community.
•    To treat all candidates on merit.
•    To treat all candidates in a sensitive manner.

Admissions Procedures
There are Open Afternoons at the Junior School (Fairseat) every term, by arrangement, and Open Evenings and Afternoons in the Autumn Term at the Senior School when prospective girls and their parents are most welcome to come and see the school. The Headmistress is always ready to see parents individually by appointment at other times also.

The closing dates for applications are published on the school website and in school literature. Offers of places and acceptances are made to a published timescale agreed with other local schools. The results of assessments are not discussed with the parents or made public. Places are offered in line with the number of girls the school can accommodate.

All applicants are treated with care and consideration, including those with special educational needs. Parents of a child who has any disability or special educational needs are advised to provide the school with full written details at registration, prior to assessment. The school needs this information so that in the case of a child with particular needs, we can assess those needs and consult with parents about the adjustments that can reasonably be made to cater adequately for the child's needs both during the admission process and if an offer of a place is made. Similarly, if special educational needs or a disability become apparent after admission, the school will consult with parents about reasonable adjustments that may allow their child to continue at the school.

Admission to the Junior School (Fairseat)
Entry to the Junior School (Fairseat) is at age 4. Applications should be registered by November of the year before entry is required. The first stage of the assessment takes place in January. These are conducted informally, like a playgroup session, in the Reception classroom. The girls work in small groups of similar age, with a teacher on a variety of games and puzzles in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

After the first assessment, candidates who we wish to see for a second time will be called back for a second round. This takes place at the end of January and the dates for this are published well in advance. At this stage, girls are assessed again in small groups and work with a member of staff for approximately one hour. Age is a consideration and allowances are made for younger candidates. As a member of the North London Independent Girls' Schools’ Consortium, the school's offer and acceptance dates coincide with the other schools in the consortium.

Senior School Admissions

Channing is a member of the North London Independent Girls' Schools’ Consortium (Group 2) and follows its agreed Code of Practice for entry at 11+.  The examination at 11+ takes place on a Friday in January. All entrants for schools within Group 2 take the examination on the same day  Each school in the consortium sends a list of its candidates to all the other schools.

Candidates are examined in English and Mathematics. Papers are set and agreed by committees consisting of heads of departments from the schools within the two consortium groups. The papers of candidates who sit at Channing are marked, according to schemes set by the consortium groups, by teams from Channing's English and Mathematics departments.

Most candidates are called to interview. References are also sought from the candidates' current schools.

The agreed code of practice for entry at Year 7 is published with the school prospectus. In the case of special needs or any disability, parents may request extra time or special consideration in the examinations if the need is supported by a recommendation from a professional body.

Sixth Form Admissions
Sixth Form applicants sit papers in three of their proposed AS subjects, where possible. They are called for interviews with the Head of Sixth Form and the Headmistress and places are offered conditionally on the candidate passing at least 6 GCSEs at Grade B or above  These must include English and Mathematics. Achievement at Grade A is desirable in the subjects to be pursued at AS Level and is a requirement for those wishing to study Mathematics. The candidate’s present school is asked for a reference and for GCSE predictions.

Chance Vacancies
Should a place become available in a particular Year group, candidates who have registered for the appropriate year will be contacted and offered an assessment on a specified date. Admission where vacancies may arise, is by tests in English and Mathematics (and, where appropriate, also in Science and French), interviews with Section Heads and the Headmistress, and a report from the candidate's current school. Unsuccessful candidates will not normally be eligible for recall within two years.

Transfer from the Junior School (Fairseat) to the Senior School

Fairseat girls are offered places in Year 7 on the basis of their record at Fairseat and are not usually required to take the entrance examination unless they wish to compete for an award or unless it seems helpful in arriving at the right decision for the girl concerned.

Transfer to the Sixth Form
Girls at Channing are offered places in the Sixth Form on the basis of their record in the Senior School. Girls must pass at least 6 GCSEs at Grade B or above, including English and Mathematics. Achievement at Grade A is desirable in the subjects to be pursued at AS Level and is a requirement for those wishing to study Mathematics. Academic scholarships are available at 16+ on the strength of girls’ academic potential and contribution to the school community.

Parents must, as soon as possible, disclose any particular known or suspected special circumstances relating to their child’s health, allergies, disabilities or learning difficulties, or other circumstances that may affect their daughter’s performance.

Special Circumstances
We recognise that a candidate’s performance may be affected by particular circumstances, for example if:
•    She is unwell when taking tests or has had a lengthy absence from her school.
•    There are particular family circumstances such as a recent bereavement.
•    There is relevant educational history, for example education outside the British system.
•    The candidate has a disability or specific learning difficulties.
•    English is not the candidate's first language.

Additional Factors
The school is oversubscribed. If we have to decide between two or more candidates who meet our admission requirements after all appropriate allowances and special consideration has been given, we may give preference to:
•    A girl who already has a sister in the school or whose parent is a former pupil here.
•    A girl whose parent is a current member of our staff.
•    A girl with a particular skill, talent or aptitude.

Scholarships and Bursaries
Channing School is committed to providing opportunity regardless of financial means as far as the school bursary funds will allow. Means-tested bursaries are available at Year 7 and Year 11. Application forms for bursaries are given with the prospectus and available to download from the school website. Girls holding bursaries may also be given help with expenses such as school field trips.

Academic scholarships are available at 11+ and 16+ on the strength of performance in the entrance examination and interview. No additional scholarship examinations are held.

Music Scholarships are offered, on the results of an audition, to girls who have qualified in the academic entrance examination. At 11+ girls need to have already achieved Grade 5.

Monitoring and Review
The Deputy Head and Head of Junior School (Fairseat) monitor this policy regularly. It is reviewed annually.