Trip to River Brett

Posted: 3rd October 2022

Recently Year 11 Geographers went on a field trip to the River Brett in Suffolk. Since the start of this half term we have been studying rivers: their processes (transport, erosion and deposition) and in particular how these change from the source of the river to the mouth. Studying the topic in the classroom has provided us with knowledge of the various processes; however, being able to visit a river and see evidence of the processes in real life and also go into the river (wearing wellies and waterproofs of course) to take measurements allowed us to become more involved in the topic. We were also able to see how the characteristics of the river change and in doing so impact the land around them. Overall the whole day was quite an adventure, encounters with cows and fast flowing water posing as obstacles.We came out of the day by having learnt something new and putting our knowledge into action. 

Alice C, Year 11