Reading with St Joesph’s

Posted: 2nd November 2022

Since the beginning of the Autumn term 2021 we have been going over to St Joseph’s primary school, just a 2 minute walk from Channing Senior School, arriving around 8.10am every Wednesday to read with the youngest years at the primary school: mostly Key Stage 1, and some Key Stage 2 pupils. Each week it is a new book, whether it be ‘Dinosaurs and Lizards’, ‘Fishing with my Gran’ or ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Kid’. We have all immensely enjoyed delving into these stories with the pupils, and helping them through new reading challenges whether it is phonics, ‘false friend’ definitions, tricky time telling, or something completely different. A particular highlight for all of us is seeing how much the children have improved and grown just over the 10 months we have known them. This has been a truly enriching experience for all of us and we are so very grateful and feel extremely rewarded to have had the opportunity and pleasure to be part of this scheme for this long. We will miss all the children and their Wednesday morning joviality!

Rory, Teresa, Avantika and Anna (Year 10)