Trip to ‘The Times’

Posted: 27th January 2023

The Times

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to visit The Times. Below is a write-up from Freya C:

The Year 13 English students and I were incredibly fortunate to be invited to visit The Times. We were able to talk to The Times’ editor-in-chief, Tony Gallagher, and he gave us a fascinating summary of his career and his average day at work as editor-in-chief. We were also able to talk to the political editor and digital editor to discuss The Times’ transition into the digital age and how they have used technology to their advantage in the twenty-first century. Finally, we were given the amazing opportunity to sit in on a news conference and see how the newspaper functions day to day. Overall, the trip was an incredible opportunity to gain insight into working as a journalist as well as valuable advice on breaking into the industry.