Music at Lunchtime – Friday 28th April

Posted: 4th May 2023

Music At Lunchtime

We are in the Founders’ Hall for the first few recitals this term due to the exciting productions taking place in the Arundel Centre. Last Friday we started with Lily W’s heartfelt singing of ‘Save your tears’ by Weeknd and then Ambra A gave a jolly performance of ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me’ on the oboe. Arya B then sang Taylor Swift’s ‘Nothing New’ with much feeling. This was followed by Serrana B’s evocative and beautifully communicated ‘Story’ by Brandi Carlile. Emma produced a beautiful tone on the clarinet in her rendition of Finzi’s ‘Forlana’ and then followed Freddie Mercury’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ sung by Scarlett D and accompanied by Galya H on the piano. The recital concluded with Beatrice McN’s superb own composition ‘Recipe for Disaster’ which she sang and played with real panache. Do listen back: