Music at Lunchtime – Friday 9th February 2024

Posted: 23rd February 2024

girls playing instruments

On the last day before half term, we were treated to a spectacular final music at lunchtime! We started the show with Astrid J playing a stylish Norwegian Dance by Grieg on her double bass. After this, we moved from the largest string instrument to the smallest with Yasmin L on violin. Yasmin played an intricately skilled rendition of the 3rd movement from Concerto in D by Mendelssohn; well done, Yasmin! After this, we moved swiftly on from strings to a heartwarming piano duet between Nia H and Ella B where they played ‘What was I made for?’ by Billie Eilish. This performance definitely proved how teamwork can make dreamwork! Next was Kira S playing Etude 76 in A Minor by Sibelius on piano. Her performance was truly breathtaking as she played the entirety of the piece by memory, a wonderful rendition. To conclude our concert, we were treated to a jazzy piano performance of ‘New Kid’ by Chris Norton and performed by Bella Kain, which was executed with style and great skill! Do listen to the recital here.

Reviewed by Eliza C and Hannah D.

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