Music at Lunchtime – Friday 8th March 2024

Posted: 13th March 2024

Last week’s lunchtime concert was a delight and one of the most popular of the year so far! There was so much support in the audience and it was radiating with Channing spirit!

First we heard the Intermediate Flute Ensemble, which consisted of Charlotte R 7KN, Florence J 7LR, Luna T 8LW, Georgina V 9GHa, Arianna A 9VS, Indy D 9VS, Cara P 9VS, Cristina C 10GR and Hermione H 10HWo playing Mamma Mia by ABBA. This was really nicely played and it was very coordinated. It was clear that they had a strong ensemble. Next, we heard from an unusual ensemble; three cellos, Darcy D 9VS, Flora G 10HWo and Yutao W 10RMn joined by Maika P-Y 11CW on the piano playing Requiem Op.66 by David Popper. This was such a unique piece and it was so well portrayed by these talented musicians. Then, Elene K 8AK played Les Ecureuils by Büsser on the flute. This piece was evidently virtuosic as she played many sequential and scalic passages. Next we heard from Edlyn B 8MH on the violin playing a traditional Scottish reel, she had an amazing sound and her talent was displayed through her precise playing. Next we were treated to Evangelina U in 9CS singing Set Fire to the Rain by Adele, this was incredible, she sang with great emotion. Last, but certainly not least, we heard an amazing duet from Serrana B in Year 9 and Martha R in Year 10, singing Catch me Now by Olivia Rodrigo. The harmonies in this were lovely, their voices blended really well together. They transfixed our audience! Well done everyone. Listen to this week’s concert here:

Reviewed by Hanna D 12Pb and Natalia B 12SF.

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