History of Art


The primarily factual investigation into the various forms of artistic creation across all cultures. The course focuses fundamentally on Painting, Sculpture and Architecture though the new syllabus incorporates aspects of contemporary art and the non-western artistic traditions.

Board and specification code

Pearson Specification Code 9HTO

Is History of Art for you?

It is for students who enjoy research and investigation, who like detail and complexity and can analyse factual information objectively. There are fascinating stories to be told but it is important to be able to digest fact and recall with accuracy

Course content/components

The syllabus comprises four modules which will include a general introduction to the art of the western world and examples of selected work from other cultures and genres. Skills of visual analysis will be taught alongside further modules examining specific works, genres and movements in greater detail.

Recommended entry requirement

At least Grade 7 in an Humanity subject such as Art, Classics, English or History would be advisable.

Post-A Level options

An A Level in History of Art can lead to a degree in History of Art, Critical Theory and Curating. These courses are the foundation for those seeking a career in museums, art galleries and art journalism/criticism.