Trip to Cuba

Posted: 4th November 2022

During the half-term holiday, students and teachers from the Economics, History, and Spanish departments embarked on a fascinating trip to Cuba. Whilst staying in Havana, students went on a city tour which had a focus on Spanish cultural and colonial history. Students then attended the Museum of the Revolution, and the Plaza del Revolucion, where they learnt about the political and economic causes and impacts of the revolution.

After Havana, students departed for Trinidad de Cuba where they were able to enjoy the natural beauty of Cuba. This included stunning beaches with clear blue seas, and a trek through the jungle for a swim in an incredible waterfall. During a tour of Trinidad, our student had the opportunity to ask questions of Cuban students about how education differs between our two countries. Overall, this was an amazing opportunity for our students to learn about, and experience a country that is vastly different to our own.

“It was my first time in Cuba and it was an amazing experience. I learnt so much about the history, culture of the people. I loved Trinidad de Cuba for the old colonial buildings and I could see why it is protected by UNESCO. Learning about the forgotten traditions of embroidery in Manacu and sharing their knowledge and skills with the young people in the village was very beautiful to see.The biggest highlight for me was visiting Che Guevara mausoleum, it was very very moving. I now fully understand the complexities of what teachers have to go through when travelling with students, not an easy task but it was very enjoyable and yes, I would not hesitate to volunteer again!”

Judith, Catering Manager

“Filled with new experiences and a definite culture shock, my time in Cuba has for sure been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Firstly, this is largely due to the overwhelming kindness and hospitality from the Cuban people who made my experience so memorable. Upon landing in the country, I was taken aback by the vibrancy of the buildings and the striking architecture. Being in a country with such a different way of life, ranging from the food rations to electricity cuts was crucial to helping us understand the privilege which we come from living in the UK.The beaches were crystal blue and warm (even during the one time we swam in torrential rain); the rainforests were verdant with a beautiful waterfall which we had a chance to swim in after an extremely physically demanding hike! Thank you to all the teachers and especially Ms Newman for leading the trip and ensuring we had a fantastic time!”

Alisa K, Year 11