Music at Lunchtime – Friday 4th November

Posted: 11th November 2022

Last Friday we had a very special recital which began with Elene K’s hauntingly musical performance of Fuaré’s Sicilienne which was followed by Eliana H’s debut performance singing Billie Eilish’s ‘idontwannabeyouanymore‘ accompanying herself superbly on the guitar. Erin R’s rendition of Grainger’s ‘Shepherd’s Hey’ was most joyful and then we had a sparkling performance, from memory, of the whole first movement of Mozart’s Violin concerto in D from Immy B. Then followed two superb songs, firstly Bella K with ‘Once you lose your heart’ and then Georgie McN sang ‘Nothing’! The finale, was Y13 student Celine O duetting with Mr Castro, ‘Circles’ by Michale Radanovics. You can listen to these superb performances below

Mr Boxall