Brookfield Primary School Reading Partnership

Posted: 14th November 2022

Every Wednesday morning a group of Year 12 students head down to Brookfield Primary School and volunteer to read with Year 2 pupils during their breakfast club. On our first day of volunteering we walked up to the library to meet the pupils whom we’d be reading with for the next few weeks. We watched as the Brookfield pupils greeted each other with enthusiasm; a look of sheer delight on their faces, which we see every week as they reunite with their friends.

As the weeks have gone by, we’ve become more familiar with them all. Now, we no longer have to ask them if they want to read, instead, we’re intercepted at the library door by eager Year 2s with books about aliens in their hands! Despite the fact that we’ve been visiting Brookfield for a few weeks now, I still don’t feel that I’ve mastered the art of interacting with a pupil in Key Stage One. It’s a constant balance maintaining a facial expression showing rapt enthusiasm, and a tone of voice that can keep a seven year old interested in a book whilst sitting in a room with their friends close by.

Although we’ve had a couple of mishaps, such as the rogue bagel left in the toaster for slightly too long, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going to Brookfield each week. It’s a really nice way to start our Wednesday mornings.

Alice, Year 12