Trip to Aachen

Posted: 5th December 2022

Aachen Trip

Our trip to Aachen was one I’ll probably never forget, from the strange travel times to the Lindt shop where we saw people buy shopping carts filled to the brim with chocolate. We met outside Channing at 18.30 on Friday to begin our long journey to Germany, needless to say we were all very excited. We departed at 19.00 and stayed on the coach overnight until we finally got to Aachen 11 hours later. When we arrived, it was completely dark and we were told that we had to get off the coach so the driver could have his designated sleep time. This meant that we were wandering around the dark and empty city of Aachen at 6.30 in the morning for two hours ( later I was happy about this as the Christmas market got very full). When we finally got to the cafe where we had breakfast we were all very tired and very hungry. After a traditional German breakfast, we headed out to explore the city for ourselves. We went out in small groups and stayed around the main area of the Christmas market. The Christmas market was split into three sections, with lots of little stalls with things ranging from sausages to wooden bowls, candles and crystals. We were out until two when we regrouped and headed to the Lindt outlet shop, this was a huge shop filled to the brim with all the types of Lindt chocolate you can imagine. It’s safe to say that most of us bought a lot more there than we were planning on. After a very tiring day, we finally headed back to the coach and made our way back to Channing, stopping at a roadside Burger King for some dinner. We all had a wonderful time on the trip and are very grateful for the staff that was willing to sit with us in a coach for 21 hours.

Winnie D,Year 9