Year 7 author talk – Alexandra Sheppard

Posted: 9th March 2023

students raising their hands

Local author Alexandra Sheppard did a talk for Year 7 pupils and a workshop with Mythologers club on Friday 3 March. Alexandra is the author of Oh My Gods – a novel about a teenager who discovers her father and half-sister are Greek gods living incognito in north London. Year 7 pupil Alaia has written about the talk below.

Alexandra also ran a creative writing competition with a brief to write a short story about a teenager who discovers she has Greek gods for relatives. Alexandra was really impressed by the nine entries she received and chose the following winners:

1st prize: Elsa 7DK – for her imaginative and funny story, which had the start of a great plot
1st runner-up: Mariia 7RM – for her brilliant story, full of sharp dialogue and a fast-paced narrative
2nd runner-up: Lydia 7RL – for her witty story that cleverly brought in gods from other cultures and had a fab title

Recently Alexandra Sheppard (author of ‘Oh My Gods’) came to Channing to talk to Year 7 about her book and how she came to be an author. She explained the genre (funny/adventure), told us what happened when she was writing it (it took 5 years and 7 drafts) and spoke to us about the backstory. We then learnt about her life and her career (before she wrote her books she worked in advertising).

She asked us many questions and listened to every answer intently. I found it fascinating the way she presented everything with a personal experience. It also made me think for a little while about becoming a writer instead of a biologist one day.

She talked about how anyone can be a writer. My friend, Millie, who was next to me wants to become a writer when she grows up so it was helpful for her. But she also spoke about the difficulties of writing, like starting a story and not knowing how to finish it. I really enjoyed listening to her talk about her stories and stories to come (‘Friendship Never Ends’, coming out in May). She gave tips for aspiring writers (write your own stories – base it on what is around you, get your work out there – enter short story competitions).

Alaia, 7JG