Classics Society: Emmy Charalambous

Posted: 20th September 2023

Classics Society Emmy

We welcomed back former Channing student, Emmy Charalambous, for our first Classics Society of the year. Emmy is currently studying Classics at Trinity College, Cambridge; she was able to give students an insight into the average week of a Cambridge student and how varied a Classics degree can be with lectures in art, archaeology, linguistics and literature. Emmy had the opportunity to go to Italy this summer through the faculty and contribute to an archaeology dig in Interamna Lirenas. The town was thought to have become less significant after the 2nd century BCE when it disappeared from written records, however the excavation of a theatre and an inscribed sundial has revealed that the town was still prosperous in the 1st century AD. They have also discovered that there are earlier remains of an imperial structure underneath the theatre. Perhaps one of our future Channing students might be able to uncover just what that is but hopefully not in 40 degree heat! A huge thank you to Emmy for such an interesting and confident presentation.

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