Chatting With Channing Chicago

Chicago Pre-Show Podcast

Posted: 2nd November 2023

Chatting With Channing Chicago

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We’re delighted to go behind the scenes and have a conversation with some of the key figures behind the upcoming production of ‘Chicago’. Joining us are the talented individuals who have played roles in bringing the production to life.

  • Miss Hill, the Director of the Show and the Head of Drama, who has guided the production with her artistic prowess and creative vision.
  • Ms. Zanardo, the Musical Director of ‘Chicago’, responsible for weaving the enchanting melodies and harmonies that have breathed life into the musical’s iconic songs.
  • We’re also joined by two Sixth Form students, Eliza and Evie, who stepped into the limelight as the leading ladies, portraying Roxie and Velma.

It’s a great episode and I think you’re going to love it. So come with me as we step into a conversation about Chicago at Channing.