teacher talking to a student

Interview and Assessment Skills Event

Posted: 19th January 2024

teacher talking to a student

On Tuesday, students in Years 12 and 13 participated in an interview and assessment skills event as part of Channing’s Careers Education Programme. The session commenced with an informative introductory talk on preparing for job interviews by Caitlin Ellis of InvestIn Education, an immersive careers experience provider. Miss Ellis recommended using the STARR technique when answering competency-based questions and demonstrated adaptability herself when the projector suddenly lost focus and could not be remedied! Her talk was followed by a contribution from parent Dr Christel Fourie, a consultant organizational psychologist, about how organizations recruit and the attitudes young people need to adopt to be successful.

The Sixth Formers then engaged in a carousel of activities, including practicing aptitude tests, preparing for telephone interviews, participating and being observed completing a group activity, and being interviewed for a job by a parent interviewer. Many thanks to all parents who volunteered their time and expertise – our Sixth Formers are very grateful.

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