Music at Lunchtime – Friday 19th January 2024

Posted: 26th January 2024

student playing the recorder

Last week’s Music at Lunchtime was very enjoyable and presented a range of talent. The Intermediate Flute Ensemble performed two contrasting pieces from Colin Evans’ Flute Fiesta. The first was lively and cheerful, well contrasted with the second, which was emotive. Next, Anya J from 10HG performed Tchaikovsky’s Chanson Triste on the violin. She showed great confidence and incredible performance skills. Then, from 10GR, Tal M played Satie’s Gymnopédie on the piano. This famous piece takes a lot of expression to play, and she certainly did it justice. Next, Kaia T from 10DK played Legend by Peter Nuttall on the guitar. She was loved by the audience and showed evident skill. Afterwards, Elena S from 9BS sang Over the Rainbow. She sounded magical and captivating. Then, Georgie V from 9GHa played Mexican Hat Dance by Bullard on the recorder. This piece was very fun and got the whole audience dancing along. Finally, Leah de T-L from 8LV gave a show-stopping performance of ‘Journey to the past’ from Anastasia. Her vocals were extremely impressive and left us in awe. You can listen to this lunchtime concert here:

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