Music at Lunchtime – Friday 26th January 2024

Posted: 2nd February 2024

students playing music

Last week’s fabulous recital kicked off with a classic from Estelle B in 10GR, who performed a gorgeous rendition of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Next up was a year 7 debut from Sophie C in 7KN. Sophie gave an absolutely fabulous performance of ‘Castle on a Cloud’ from Les Miserables. From musical theatre, to traditional Scottish folk music: next up was Maisie B in 9SBe. Maisie played The Ceilidh by Katherine Colledge on the violin, and she confidently started the piece alone in a short call and response passage between the violin and piano accompaniment.

We then had another dramatic change of genre as Nia H in 9VS played Shruthi Rajasekar by Virginia Hall. Nia’s rendition of this jazz piece was absolutely wonderful, and she played the tricky jazz rhythms superbly.

Following this, was a Spanish guitar solo by Sofia B in 9SB, who played Pastorale by Matteo Carcassi, who perfectly captured the Flamenco style. Continuing the musical theatre genre, we had Issy P in 9VS who sang ‘Quiet’ from Matilda. Despite the title, Issy sang this dramatic piece beautifully, and embodied the character of Matilda very well. Next was Eliana H from 8LV, who gave an emotional performance of ‘I love you’ by Billie Eilish. The crowd was mesmerised by Eliana’s effective use of pauses and dynamics – there were even a few tears amongst audience members. Finally, Ava M and Megan K from 11HK performed a piano duet of ‘Skyfall’ by Adele. The pair played this dramatic Bond theme gorgeously and it was a fantastic way to close an amazing recital. Do listen:


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