Music at Lunchtime – Friday 23rd February

Posted: 1st March 2024

Last Friday’s music at lunchtime was a showcase led by the wonderful Year 12 A level class. The recital kicked off with Simran T in 12PB playing Bach’s Partita number 2 on the violin. This unaccompanied performance showed off her talent and started off the concert in style. Next, Hannah D in 12PB took to the stage and played Allegro Moderato, the 1st movement from Sonata in B minor on the piano. This was very well played and she definitely would have made Haydn proud! Then, Natalia B in 12SF played the first movement of Brahms’ Violin Sonata in A major. She played this extremely hard piece excellently, and left the audience in awe. Rumour has it Mr Boxall’s fingers fell off! Next, Evie M in 12EHa sang ‘Losing My Mind’ by Sondheim and she certainly made the audience go mad for those vocals! I think we even spotted a tear from Miss Zanardo! Continuing with the musical theatre theme, Eliza C in 12PS sang ‘Tonight’ by Leonard Bernstein. Eliza lit up the stage and her portrayal of Maria was beautiful. Last but not least, the show was closed by Hannah D and Eliza C returning to the stage with Georgie G from 12SF singing ‘Meet The Plastics’ by Nell Benjamin from Mean Girls the Musical. They really embodied the Mean Girls energy through their matching pink outfits and their energetic actions. Their performance was so “fetch!” You can listen to this lunchtime’s performance here:

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