Matilda the Musical: Music at Lunchtime

Posted: 15th April 2024

2 girls acting

On Friday, the Arundel Centre was completely packed in anticipation of an abridged version of the West End hit, ‘Matilda’. This version began with Hattie H, Issy P, Yeva M, and Nuha I singing ‘Naughty’, with great choreography. Next, Lulu C, Nina F, Tabitha W, Maika P-Y, Winnie D, and Saskia C joined the four on stage to sing ‘School Song’. The props were great, and we were lucky enough to catch Maika’s bouncy ball! Then, Lulu sang a spectacular solo of ‘Loud’, whilst Nina turned into a doll – their ballroom dancing certainly got lots of cheers! Everyone then returned to the stage for a moving performance of ‘When I Grow Up’. Next, we heard from Issy, as she sang and acted ‘Quiet’ beautifully. This was followed by Tabitha’s incredible solo of ‘My House’. Finally, for a show-stopper ending, the whole ensemble came together to sing ‘Revolting Children’. The seven songs they sang from the musical were performed with such excitement, great acting, and superb vocal quality. Huge thanks go to Mr. Gray for providing amazing sound and lighting for the production, but the mastermind and director of the cast was Mrs. Bradbury Rance. Well done to the whole ‘Matilda’ team! The show was filmed and you can watch it HERE!

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