Music at Lunchtime – Friday 26th April

Posted: 2nd May 2024

Last week we were treated to two ensembles – flute and strings, as well as some lovely soloists! First we heard from the senior flute ensemble, Elene K 8AK; Georgie V 9GHa; Catrin C 12PS; Eliza W 13AH; Emily B 13KWAllegro: First movement from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart. They were fabulous and stayed together very well. Then we heard Indy D 9VS on the flute playing Intermezzo by Mascagni, she played this very nicely and it was a joy to listen to. Then we were treated to a lovely performance of ‘I have Confidence’ from the ‘Sound of Music’ by Winnie D in 10HG. It was expressive and very captivating. Then we heard from the wonderful string quintet of Natalia B 12SF; Simran T 12PB; Elizabeth S 11CW; Zoe Q 12MY and Yutao W 10RMn playing the First movement – Allegro from Quintet in G Minor K516 Mozart. There were some amazing solos from Natalia and as a quintet they were synchronised and talented. Do listen HERE.

Reviewed by: Hannah D, Georgie G and Natalia B.

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